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Strategic Communication

BORAM Agency has been working on strategic communication projects for more than twenty years which include: public relations, media placement, event organization and production of commercial and documentary content.
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BORAM Agency specialises in public interest campaigns that address social issues with emphasis on public education. BORAM has developed a full range of consulting services in this area from the development of strategic communication and marketing plans to research projects. We conduct public campaigns, implement projects, organise events, conferences, seminars, training and other activities and develop media strategies and relations including media leasing, planning and monitoring and advertising.

BORAM has achieved a significant portfolio of documentary film production and adaptation, both commercial and non-commercial, in all media formats: TV, radio, print and web. BORAM has implemented most public interest campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project department: employs staff with extensive experience in terms of international, regional, and local project implementation... Learn More
Event management department: BORAM has organizational capacities for a large-scale event including bus tours and fairs with thousands of people, concerts, and open-air events... Learn More
Higher media fragmentation and age of “personalization” challenges us to create a unique approach to public relations... Learn More
Production department: The production department is responsible for converting raw materials and other inputs into finished goods or services... Learn More
A public awareness campaign is a marketing effort to build public recognition of a problem through media messaging and an organized set of communication tactics... Learn More
Responsible for visual expressions like graphic designing, information designing, web designing, etc... Learn More

Sarajevo, BiH

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